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Take root, rooted to the ground, let go, to be there, be there with the whole body and mind, live each moment with intensity as if it were the last moments of life, is the song of life.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. ( Mahatma Gandhi.

Through sound, body vibrates bringing benefit. The sound you hear in its entirety from the whole body. From earth to heaven. The potential also arise where they are dormant. Stand their vocal potential and sensory. Identity emerges voice.

The flexibility is welfare in all areas: Physical, mental and spiritual.

It is free from fear, when there is rooted to the ground, in every sense, with all the senses, to fly ...

The Shiatsu and SINGING rooted in ancient times, with branches here and there.
Every body is sensitive to sound vibrations (hearing), vibration olfactory (smell), tactile sensations (touch), the visual sensations (sight) to gustatory (taste). So the perception is as important as the design, feel and live a certain feeling from start to experience the mind / body, which acquires more space inside for acoustic sounds.

The 5 trillion cells that make up our body are in constant motion, working together in unity of purpose. Well exceed the number of stars and galaxies we know. This makes us realize that we are a community not a single person. Each neuron has approximately 10,000 moments where you connect with others. We constantly renew ourselves, to a healthy body, the skin renews itself every 15 days, the liver cells are renewed every two years, all the capillaries in our body has a length of about 160,000 km, 4 times the circumference of the earth . All that we need to understand that we are never alone and that within us there an 'infinity of movements.
The important thing is to learn to be present to connect developing the potential of sound, auditory, olfactory, tactile and beyond.
They open those channels that are often closed due to lack of awareness. Everything flows, nothing is stationary, everything is always moving.
The heart is always working even when we sleep and run into 8,000 liters of blood per day. In the brain flows 1,400 liters of blood per day, 2,000 liters in the kidneys, if there is harmony, so much comes out if there should also balance between give and take and our body becomes our ally, unless the contrary we listen.

A journey inside of themselves for discovering, experiencing, their vocal potential, making their creativity flow freely.
It 'a journey of personal growth.

The Song and Shiatsu integrates an input to create a voice full and free.
Within a living there must be static, everything has to move, material and immaterial.
A body is in healthy condition when every cell, every organ, creates harmony that resonates, on the contrary there is dissonance or disease.
So is evolution.

You fly away what is static and as an old Chinese proverb says "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach them to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."


There once was a couple with a 12 year old son and a donkey. They decided to travel together, to work and learn about the world.

So they left all three with their ass.
First arrived in the country, people commented: "Look at that guy because ... he is rude on the donkey and the poor parents, already old, throw it!"

Then the wife told her husband: "Do not let the people speak ill of our son." The husband dropped him off and climbed on the donkey.

Arrived at the second country, the people murmured: "Look at that guy who put to shame ... let the poor guy and his wife pull the donkey, and he will fit easily on the back."
Then, they made the decision to pick up his wife while father and son
held the reins to pull the donkey.

Arrived at the next village, listened to what people said of the country: "They are beasts, beasts of the donkey that brings them the most: the rip on my back!"

Eventually, they decided to all get off and walk along donkey. But, through the following country, could not believe what the voices said, laughing: "Look at those three idiots, walking, even if they have an ass that could take them!"


You always criticize, say bad things about you and it will be difficult to meet someone to whom you will be fine as you are.


Live as you think! Do what your heart tells you ... what you want ...

a life is a play that has no initial testing.

Sing, laugh, dance, love ... and live intensely every moment of your life ... before the curtain falls and the opera ends with no applause.

(Charlie Chaplin - Live like you believe)

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